Step 1 - Create Your Event

Contact tracking starts by entering name, date, and details of your event.

Step 2 - Enter Attendance

Entering attendance info by (1) finding attendee & (2) clicking “yes.”

Step 3 - Follow Up

Whether routine or of necessity, one click gives you access to information for follow-up.

Meeting Safety Expectations

Doing all you can to protect all you can is what is expected of every organization.

  • Is your organization doing all it can to keep others safe?
  • Do you have sufficient tools to help you reach your safety goals?
  • Let us know your wishes, we’re here to help.

More Info About The Attendance Module

We are dedicated to seeing you succeed in your venture
and we believe that this module will be beneficial to your success

Give Us Your Input

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The contact list can be exported to either PDF or Excel Spreadsheet.  This is done by clicking the option above the datatable.  A third option also exists that allows you to copy all of your data, in 1-click, and then by going over to your application (eg. Word, Powerpoint, Text Editor, etc.) you can simply paste into your app the table formatted information.

Absolutely!!!  There is no limit to the number of events per day that can information can be gathered on.

Currently, we’ve added a feature that will allow you to add Attendees without leaving the module.  If you receive unexpected guest who are not in the system, a drop-in modal with allow you to add guests quickly.

Most Definitely!!!!  As we see needs arise within the usage of the Attendance Module, we surely plan to meet those needs!!   More that that we are excited about what this module can do and it’s our goal to ensure it remains not just functional but valuable to you and your organization.