Here We Grow Again

HisKingdomShall.Com welcomes its newest affiliate, Alpha Kappa Mu National Honor Society, Incorporated!

In May 2020, Dr. Mollie B. Brown, Executive Secretary-Treasurer of Alpha Kappa Mu Honor Society approached us with a vision she had years ago. That vision was to place registrant data in a repository that could be easily accessed and input. Along with this, Dr. Brown told us that she also wanted this information to be accessible for the “next generation” of Alpha Kappa Mu administrators.

Within two months, HKS created a custom module for Alpha Kappa Mu and the vision of Dr. Brown had come to fruition in record time and within her budget.

We are extremely thankful to Dr. Mollie B. Brown, for the opportunity to serve her and we look forward to Alpha Kappa Mu being one of our Success Stories!

Welcome to the HisKingdomShall.Com family Alpha Kappa Mu!